When Is The Best Time To List Your Home?

House For Sale Port JeffThere are particular times of the year when it is better to list a home than others. For instance, it not advisable to go on the market in the period immediately before Christmas. This is because even though you can still sell during the holidays, your pool of potential home buyers will be a lot smaller. This means you may take a longer time to sell and you could get less money for your home than you would have got if you sold at the right time.

 The best time of the year to list a home is spring. Therefore the National Association of Realtors has selected the fourth weekend during the month of April to be National Open House Weekend. February or March may be the opportune time to list your home if your area does not get snow. Talk to your local estate agent to get information and advice regarding the month in spring that is most suitable for you. They can especially give you tips on selling property in spring.

 The fall market is the next best thing in case you miss the spring market-and it falls immediately after the Labor Day weekend. Despite the general consensus, the majority of people are reluctant to move during summertime. Summer is the time for family gatherings, vacations, relaxation or home improvement projects that are aligned with the activities that you have planned for the fall.

 Selecting the most appropriate time of the month to list

 In case you want to be meticulously methodical about it, the best time to list is perhaps one week after making your mortgage payment or in the second week of the month. Hopefully, your home should get a buyer within three weeks. Once you pay the mortgage for the next month, that may be the last payment you would make.

 In case you are buying a new home to close and moving up at the same time, you could be closing escrow at month end. Due to the way interest prorations are done, you will not need to pay for the mortgage on the new home until the following month. It is nearly like being given a free month, although you still must pay interest.

 Selecting the right day of the week to list a home

 Everyone has his or her own view on the best day of the week for listing a home-like your father who picked Monday. The trouble with Monday is that people are less attentive. They are still coming to grips with the reality that the weekend has ended which makes them have a hard time focusing on work. A few advertising agencies will reveal to you that Tuesdays are better when launching a new campaign. However, Mondays and Tuesdays may not be the ideal days to list your house. Furthermore, Mondays are usually federal holidays.

 The weekend is not the right time to list your house since the majority of people prefer to plan their weekends in advance, and a number of companies do not work on weekends. This limits your options to Wednesdays, Thursdays or Fridays. Normally, Thursday is the day when realtors take a day off. Busy real estate agents who work on weekends usually try to have some sort of a short vacation on Thursdays. Wednesday, on the other hand, is still a hump day in the minds of a lot of people. But it is a great day for listing only if it precedes Thanksgiving.

 So, this means Friday is your best day for listing. However, even the time of listing is important and 12.01 am on Friday or midnight on Thursday may be the most appropriate time. I you post your listing on MLS a couple of days before Friday using a status that is only visible to the agent. They then can comfortably fine-tune the listing at their own convenience.

 People who are online late at night will see the listing, but more crucially, a large number of home buyers will get it on their computers when they wake up on Friday morning. This is because home buyers search for homes on Friday which also happens to be the day they get automatic emails from their real estate agents.

 Agents that have created MLS accounts for their customers in a way that allows them to get automatic listings will find buyers calling them before they are aware about the listing. Moreover, MLS listings are usually released in the wee hours of the morning when web traffic is low.

 In a seller’s market, or in any kind of market, buyers are always eager to have a look at new listings. Every person desires that spotless, sparkling new home that is on sale.

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