Tips to Attract The Next Owner….Get Ready to List Your Home!

Whether you’re looking to downsize or relocate to be close to family, or need to reconsider schools or work, here’s some advice to attract the next owner.  I’ve kept them easy and inexpensive, so you can save your money for that special bottle of champagne to celebrate when you turn over the keys.


Firs impressions are essential, especially to buyers.  Number one place to start?  Take care of that curb appeal! You can lift your curb appeal by merely keeping up with your home’s routine maintenance. Get prepared to sell your home by making sure your front and back yard are looking their best. Ensure the grass looks healthy and green, and bolster your property perimeters, where necessary, with some additional plants. Looking to add a bit of charm? Planting a few flowers and adding some needed landscaping accent plants around the yard and the walkway leading to your front door can boost a home’s appeal.


If you have a paved driveway, a little pressure washing can go a long way. Leave your walkways and driveway looking clean and pristine with a bit of pressure washing using  soap or a solution made for cleaning pavers, concrete, or wood available at hardware stores.


When it comes to exterior paint, re-painting your entire home can be costly.  If this isn’t manageable right now, try to clean any needed areas properly (be careful not to use a pressure washer here, as it could result in removing more paint). If it still looks like it needs a touch-up, you can try some of these tips, but your best bet would be to call your paint supplier; they’re the experts.

  1. For touch-ups of small holes or marks (less than an inch), you can use an angled foam brush to lightly dab paint on the spot.
  2. Always take note of the paint finish (flat, eggshell, semi-gloss, gloss, etc.). The slightest difference in sheens can make your touch-up stand out. Gloss finishes are hard to touch up.
  3. Reducing paint by 10 to 15 percent with a paint reducer can often help the touch-up color blend. Use a paint reducer recommended by the paint manufacturer.


Outdoor lighting can do wonders for a dull backyard, and it helps to set the tone. Even if your agent shows your house during the day, little details like this can help tell a story and experience. Potential buyers can envision balmy summer evenings grilling outdoors and enjoying time with family and friends. The right lighting will also do wonders when setting the tone for twilight exterior photos to add to your home’s listing profile.

Take a walk around the outside of your home and do a quick check on your outdoor lighting status. Are the fixtures in good shape?  Check for rust or other damage, and replace your lights where necessary. You’ll be happy you did!


When it comes to our homes’ interior, we all know, the gathering place is the kitchen. If your kitchen is looking like it needs a little TLC, here are some options to consider:


This is a simple task that can take less than a day to get done. Backsplashes modernize a kitchen with a simple look of elegance. They can be bought in various colors at reasonable prices; installing it yourself will save you a pocket full of cash. This can give any kitchen a facelift and add more value to your home!


Dressing up your kitchen cabinetry is a super-easy task that can add value to your kitchen and home. Any kitchen can feel more upscale by adding molding to your cabinetry and updating your door handles and drawer pulls. If you want to go the extra mile — buffing and painting those old-looking cabinets will also have a positive impact. Cabinet painting covers old scratches and marks from years of wear and tear. Give them the makeover they deserve!

Don’t forget to give your appliances some TLC as well. Polish the stainless steel, give everything a good clean on the inside, too. A deep clean on your oven, a self-clean cycle on the dishwasher, a thorough scrub on your stove’s hood, your microwave, and refrigerator – any and everything!


Adding a new light fixture can add ambiance, as we said earlier, with your outdoor lighting. You can easily give any room an updated look or feel by swapping out a tired chandelier, or hanging light, with something new. Just be careful to keep to something that has a broad appeal vs. something that’s overly trendy.


After weeks on end spent at home, you probably never want to see laundry again. We sure don’t! But, what if you could make your laundry room a retreat you want to go to instead of run from? Give this often-neglected room a little TLC by creating organized storage solutions – add some hanging hooks on the wall, find a new way to store your ironing board and iron. Bring in a touch of character with some cute wooden signs, artwork, or even an area rug for the floor.

You can also give your over-burdened washer and dryer some attention and make sure you’ve run them through a cleaning cycle. Then clean the outside, polish them up, and they’ll be ready to go!


Perhaps surprising to many, a very inexpensive home improvement task that can be done to enhance any room in your home is to add or update your crown molding. Head to your local hardware store, select the style you like, and grab some paint if needed. You can install this yourself or have a professional give you a hand. Nothing finishes a room quite like crown molding. It’s surprising how much this can transform a space at such a simple cost!