Suwassett Garden Club Award

Many thanks to the members and organizers of the Suwassett Garden Club on their Eighth Annual Garden Recognition Program which was held at the Port Jefferson Village Center.

So many beautiful gardens!  Over 90 participants!

As one of the first place winners, I received a hand painted plaque for my Peaceful and Beautiful… Zen Garden.

Find these secret gardens on a pleasant walk through the village as you plan your own street garden for next year.


My Favorite Garden Quotes For You:


“One who plants a garden, plants happiness.”

“Earth Laughs In Flowers”

“A Garden Is A Friend You Can Visit Anytime”

“Cares Melt When You Kneel In Your Garden”

“Your Garden Will Reveal Yourself”

“In All Things Of Nature There Is Something Of The Marvelous”

And my favorite one: