Stony Brook Is Our Economic Engine







Stony Brook is a standout in all three of Long Island’s fastest-growing job categories: health care, education and technology. Stony Brook University — which comprises a hospital, state university and high-tech business incubator — has more than 15,000 employees, making it Long Island’s largest single-site employer as of its 2011-2012 annual report.

According to a report, Stony Brook University employs a hospital staff of 6,273, an academic staff of 3,963 and a nonacademic staff of 4,981. It’s also home to the Long Island High Technology Incubator, a nonprofit that has housed and supported more than 70 start-ups.

“The Stony Brook incubator is phenomenal,” says Tal Eidelberg, whose hospital software company, Intrigma, Inc., started out there. “They have a lot of biotech firms, and for that kind of stuff they’re second to none. They have pharma companies, medical device companies — all that stuff requires labs, expensive equipment, access to serious, heavy-hitting researchers,” he says. “There’s an enormous amount of activity there.”

Of occupations with the largest number of projected jobs through 2018 on Long Island, four out of the top five are health-care related. For those seeking a home near jobs in this category, Stony Brook is a great pick, because in addition to Stony Brook University Hospital, the community also offers easy access to nearby Port Jefferson, where both John T. Mather Hospital and St. Charles Hospital are located.

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