Sharing Updates to the LI Energy Efficiency Program

untitledResidential Rebate Levels Changes

Due to the high program demand, the 2014 Long Island residential energy efficiency rebate levels are being reduced starting January 1, 2014. Adjusting the rebate amounts will help to ensure adequate funding for the future.




The 2014 New York City residential energy efficiency program rebates will not be changed.

Residential Rebate Levels – The chart below shows the 2014 rebate levels for Long Island and NYC.

2014 Residential Energy Efficiency Rebate Levels Long Island NYC
7-day programmable thermostat(s) $25 $25
Boiler reset controls (add on unit attached to a forced hot water boiler) $100 $100

High-efficiency heating equipment
Forced hot air furnace with AFUE* ≥ 90% rating $140 $200
Forced hot air furnace with AFUE* ≥ 92% rating and Electronic Commutated Motor $300 $400
Forced hot air furnace with AFUE* ≥ 94% rating and Electronic Commutated Motor $450 $600
Steam boiler with AFUE* ≥ 82% rating $350 $500
Forced hot water boiler with AFUE* ≥ 85% rating $350 $500
Condensing forced hot water boiler with AFUE* ≥ 90% rating $700 $1,000

Indirect Water Heater Storage Tank
Indirect water heater attached to a natural gas ENERGY STAR® hot water boiler with ≥ 85% AFUE $225 $300

Terms for 2013 rebates

For the 2013 energy efficiency rebates, the equipment must be installed by 12/31/13 and rebate applications with required invoices must also be postmarked by 12/31/13. All rebate applications postmarked on or after January 1, 2014 will be process under the new 2014 rebate amounts based upon the installation region – NYC or Long Island.

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Contact Information

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Bob Allgor – NYC and Long Island Residential energy efficiency rebate programs – [email protected] or 631-755-5356

Lou Rizzo – NYC and Long Island Commercial / Industrial & Multi Family energy efficiency rebate program – [email protected] or 718-403-3336