Port Jeff’s Top Energy Performer Sells

The beautiful Victorian at 309 California Ave , Port Jefferson, also known as Suassa Park, is now Under Contract!  The smart purchasers will only be paying under $10.00 on their LIPA bill.  Amazing!

The cost of the Panels?  $72,500

Here’s the breakdown:

LIPA Rebate:  $35,000

State Tax Credit:  $5,000

Federal Tax Credit:  $11,276

Total Deduction:  $51,276

Total Actual Cost After LIPA Rebate and Tax Credis:  $21,224

The taxes are under $10,000 which include Port Jefferson Village taxes and sits on .52 acre.

Click here for the beautiful Virtual Tour!

Here’s Good News for those thinking of installing solar panels:

The Port Jefferson board of trustees voted unanimously to change the village’s code to fast-track the application process for residents to install energy saving solar panels on their homes, according to a story written by Sophia Chang that appeared on Newsday’s website.

“The simplified process will speed up the application timeline, reduce fees, and create a specialized application for solar energy permits,” Change wrote.

The idea had been introduced at a public board meeting in December and residents had a 10-day time frame to send in comments on the matter to Village Hall.

Now’s the time to save Energy!

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