A Kitchen Can Sell A Home!

What do buyers look for in up-to-date kitchens?   It all depends on what price range your home is in.  

Are you in a higher-end neighborhood?  It’s time to think high-end.  Your older home may have a highly functional kitchen, but a buyer will take one look at your formica counters and white appliances and become lost in the stress of how much money and time it would take to remodel.  If you don’t want to put in the time yourself to make upgrades then you’ll have to make concessions in the price.  

Don’t become overwhelmed, though.  Sometimes a kitchen update can mean doing just a few minor changes.  Change the paint color to a warm, neutral tone.  Get rid of any clutter!  Update your appliances, paint your cabinets, change the hardware, or get a high-end looking counter top for less (lower end granite).  It all depends on the market values in your neighborhood.  Remember though, most buyers want a kitchen that is ready to use the day they move in.  

Do your competitiors have new solid wood cabinets and granite counters in today’s designer colors?   Then consider making the same change to maximize the value of your home.  A good kitchen is coveted by buyers today.  Include new stainless steel appliances and if you’re able, wine-coolers, and trash compactors.

A kitchen is the heart of a home.  It’s true all across the world.  The old saying that the “stomach is the way to the heart” carries a lot of truth.  Kitchens are where we spend much of our time and most of that is with our families.  It’s the room where we nourish our bodies and our spirits.  It’s because of this that kitchens play such an important role in the buying and selling process.

This one room is the showpiece of the house.  You’ll see it every day and your guests will see it during most visits. T his means buyers want homes with up-to-date kitchens.  

Food For Thought!