How Can You Remodel & Make Your House More Energy Efficient?

DSCN8505With the spring just around the corner, you may be planning on a remodeling project. I know I am and cannot wait!

Thinking of making your home more energy efficient? This is a great way to let your house pay for the remodel over time and to conserve energy. Here are a few things you can do to create a greener home.

Replacing Shower Heads

If your remodel includes the bathroom, you can save energy by using single low-flow shower heads instead of larger choices. This will help you not only conserve water, but also energy from your water heater.

New HVAC Ducts Help

Remodeling and adding new HVAC ducts can help you save money on both your heating and cooling bill. If possible, put these new ducts in an insulated place instead of an unconditioned area, such as the attic. You may also want to have a diagnostic analysis done to ensure you are getting the right balance of new and old air.

Insulate Recessed Lights

If your recessed lights protrude into an un-insulated area, you want to add insulation to the lights. If you don’t, they can become a huge source of air leak.

Add a Humidistat to the Bathroom

A humidistat is a great addition to your bathroom because it will automatically turn on the bathroom fan when moisture is found within the space. This helps to keep moisture in the bathroom to a minimum, which helps you avoid the dangers of mold.

Make Sure Windows are Sealed

Not all contractors and home builders take the time to caulk the top of the window trim. This can cost you money on heating and cooling. If you plan to get the caulk gun out, take the time to do your windows, too.

These tips will help you create a more energy efficient home when you remodel.

Now we just need Spring to get here….