This House Says “I LOVE PORT JEFF”

It’s tangible, it’s solid, it’s beautiful. It’s artistic, …. and I just love real estate! 
So appropriate to let you know this today, on Valentine’s Day!

As I walk through the exquisite Historic District of Port Jefferson this morning, I feel love all around me!  So many homes decorated with hearts.  I especially love this one pictured.  I call it the House of Hearts! 

I encourage you to take a long walk with your loved one today, and enjoy the beauty of our local towns.  Port Jefferson, Stony Brook, Mt. Sinai, Miller Place.  Walk the beaches, shop locally, visit the wonderful local restaurants, it’s all about supporting the towns in which we live, play, work and love so much!

And when you are ready to get into a home you LOVE…..let me give you a one-minute tip.  Simply sign up for LISTING ALERTS!

I know how busy life is…. aren’t enough hours in the day to search the MLS listings frequently and thoroughly.  And if you’re eager to buy a home, it’s essential that you keep on top of any new listings that may come up.


That’s where I can be a great asset to my clients. When you’re too busy to check out the Mulitiple Listings Service, we can do it for you and save you both time and money in the process.

We want to be your personal LOCAL real estate expert!  WE LOVE REAL ESTATE!