Embrace Your Creativity At Home With Art!

Want to add some personality and give your family and friends a glimpse into what you value in life?  Time to embrace your creativity!

Most homeowners love the concept of displaying art in their homes, but many struggle with trying to figure out the details, from where to place artwork to how to choose the best pieces.  Decorating with art can feel like an insurmountable task.

Take a look at this room-by-room for some inspiration —

THE KITCHEN – yes, why not?

It’s the heart of the home, and as one of the most-used rooms in your home, it’s actually the perfect place to get super creative and add a personal touch.

When you’re choosing art for your kitchen, look for smaller pieces.  This will help ensure it complements the space instead of overwhelming it.  Try placing art on your countertop with a stand or hang pieces above your cabinets or on an open wall.


For your bedroom, look for the art that invokes feelings of peace and relaxation.  Abstract art with soothing tones and landscape photography are both excellent options.

Large-scale pieces work well here.  They’re often best displayed at eye level either over the bed or on the wall directly across from the bed.  Minimal frames are also popular for bedrooms, so consider canvas pieces or images placed in gallery frames.


The images here should inspire and energize you.  How about a floating shelf, decorate it with framed art that you rotate when the mood strikes?

It allows you to keep things fresh and exciting without too much effort.  Look for pieces of different sizes, as this will add visual interest.  If you prefer a minimalist look, choose frames that are all similar.  Otherwise, choose a selection of different looking frames to give your space smore of a unique sense of style.


Another commonly overlooked room when it comes to art.  Make sure the pieces you choose fit in with the room’s overall vibe.  The master bath often does well with calm, serene pieces, while fun, bright pieces might work well in a main-level powder room.

Consider choosing art in pairs that follow the same theme.  You typically can’t go wrong with placing art over the toilet, above a freestanding tub, or over your towel hooks.


While the living room can be the most fun room in the house to decorate, it can also be the most intimidating.  You have a lot of options here.

Consider choosing one large-scale piece of artwork that speaks to you or setting up a large gallery wall.  If you feel creative, consider adding some 3-dimensional pieces to your wall décor.  This unique touch will add some extra character and really make your space pop.

Bottom Line?  The art you choose is a reflection of your personality.  If you come across a piece of art you really love, find a creative way to make it work.

It’s your home – and the artwork in it should make you feel happy.  If it does, you’re doing it right!


Artwork by Bobbi Mastrangelo