Can I Show My House Virtually?

The Empire State Developmment (ESD) has amended its guidance of April 1st to restrict residential and commercial real estate showings to be “virtual” only.
The New York State Association of Realtors (NYSAR) interprets “virtual” to mean no in-person contact when conducting a showing. Licensees should conduct the showing alone and use a tool such as video conferencing with the buyer or tenant. More comprehensive guidance will be forthcoming.

Therefore, we have gotten very creative in adopting tools and technology that allow prospective buyers to tour homes virtually. Where a seller is unable to let anyone into their home due to COVID-19 related health concerns or restrictions, we are finding solutions by working with the seller and listing agent. We have experience working with remote/relocating clients and are used to accommodating requests for a video tour.

Here are ways we can help you get a better sense of a property that interests you:

1. 3D Tours – Some homes have 3D home tours. We can send you these and Zillow actually has a “3D Home” label in the upper-left corner of listing photos on listings.

2. Live Video walkthroughs – We can help facilitate a live tour of a home through FaceTime, or similar platforms. This of course is easier with vacant homes.

3. Pre-recorded video tours – We can plan to do a pre-recorded video tour of the home and then share it with you. Make sure you tell us exactly what you’re looking for in a home so that we know what details to focus on during the tour. We can also capture some of the surrounding neighborhood as well to give you a better sens of the area.

We remain here for you – for all your real estate needs during these uncharted times. We are not going anywhere…..Stay Home! Stay Safe!