In Today’s Market, Buyers Want Move-In Ready Homes!

If you’re planning to sell your home, showcasing your home’s features is more important now than ever before. Buyer confidence is building and sellers should think like a potential buyer would. See your home from a buyer’s perspective.

Focus on the buyer before putting your home on the market….which means the following things should be implemented: de-cluttering, maintenance repair, home staging, and curb appeal.

The more you focus on buyer’s needs,the greater the chances of a faster and higher priced sale.

Selling an “as-is” home may turn off today’s buyer.  Maintenance is high on a buyer’s agenda.  Buyers take comfort in seeig a house that is ready to move into.

Did you know that 87 percent of first-time buyers don’t want to buy a home that requires them to do a lot of work; instead they want “move-in” ready.

A maintained home that has been fixed-up for sale, sells faster and sells for more money. Putting a little effort, money, repairs, and tender loving care into the home could go a long way at the time of the sale.

Ripping up carpet and painting the inside and/or outside of the home can also increase buyer appeal. Repairing things like leaky pipes, broken windows, worn ceilings, as well as replacing old roofs and driveways can go a long way to help increase the listing price.

Buyers don’t want the aches–headache and pocketbook–of having to deal with getting the home ready before they move in. Often, first-time buyers have very little extra cash to spend on repairs. They may be coming from a nice, new apartment or home that they were renting. When they see a house for sale that requires lots of repairs to make it livable and comfortable, it’s a turn off.

What about clutter? Buyers often see clutter as a bigger issue than just a bunch of stuff strewn about the home. It can make them think that the home is more of a “project” house than it really is. Save yourself any issues and pack up your personal stuff.

Sometimes packing up stuff means storing big items that are cluttering the house. Borrow a friend’s garage or rent a storage unit if your next home isn’t ready. Unstuffing overly-furnished rooms can really open up the floor plan, allowing buyers to get a good idea of the size of the room.

The Home Pictured Here is 17 Jefferson Landing Circle in Port Jefferson, NY.  List Price $669,000

Not preparing a home for sale can mean having to accept the very unwanted fact of listing it for a lower price.

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