Are You Optimistic About The 2016 Housing Market?

The great news here is 73.7, almost three out of four, believe that, they’re either somewhat optimistic or extremely optimistic about what’s going to take place in housing this year. And when you compare that to the negative numbers, somewhat pessimistic or extremely pessimistic, that 73.7% versus 5%.

So we’re talking about a big disparity here. Most of us top agents in the country believe we’re going to have one great year.
As a matter of fact, if we look at NAR’s last existing home sales report, we can see that we started off the year really, really well. Eleven percent over last year number of existing home sales are 11% higher than they were at the same time last year.
And across each one of the markets, the numbers are up in a big way.
Northeast up 20.6%. Part of the reason for that, is we have some inventory still because it took us a lot longer to get through the distressed property inventory, foreclosures and short sales. We still have some of that inventory we’re working through.
But across the whole board, we’re looking at very powerful numbers. And according to the Urban Land Institute in their emerging trends in real estate reports in 2016, they said you can never forget about cycles. But the next twenty‐four months look doggone good for real estate.March2016-4