16 Free Ways To Give Your Home Some Love

photoChange a room’s look or set a new mood without spending anything but a little time.  It’s Springtime.  Most people start with the garden.  But I always feel the urge to redecorate as soon as the sun starts to peek out….

Here are some ways to change, tweak and adjust a home without spending a dime!  Let’s Do It!

1.  Light Your Candles – They create a lovely ambience like nothing else.

2.  Arrange Your Coffee Table Nicely – A tray, a basket, a vase of flowers, a book.  That’s all you need.

3.  Take Scissors Outside And Cut Something To Put In Water – Get creative.  Even weeds or a bit of green foliage can be beautiful.

4.  Use Up Leftover Paint On Small Projects – A touch up on legs of a table or chairs, the edge of picture frames, the bottom of a vase.

5.  Use Your Best – My Fave!  Don’t wait for a special occasion to bring out the good china or fancy glasses.  What’s the point of having it.  Elevate your daily routine by using your best.  Enjoy Each Day!!

6.  Swap Photos In Frames – An easy way to give a room a fresh look by simply trading out the current photos.

7.   Give Something Away – Pick 5 items that you no longer like and give them away to refresh your room.

8.  Speed Clean – A clean house feels fresh, welcoming and well-loved.  Set 15 minutes daily and go to town….

9.  Move Your Furniture Around – This is another great one.  I do it every season…at least!

10.  Rearrange Your Counter – Counters get so cluttered up so easily.  Clear out and replace only the items you use daily.

11.  Try Your Rugs In Different Rooms – Try bringing your dining room rug into the kitchen or try your living room rug in the bedroom.  You may really like the change.

12.  Organize Your Books – Try arranging by color.  Give it a whirl…

13.  Change The Look Of A Chair Or Sofa With Blankets –

14.  Try Indoor Furniture Outdoors – or Vice Versa.

15.  Put Music On – Music adds so much ambience to a home.

16.  Do Something Nice For You! – Brew yourself your fave coffee and bring it back to bed with you on a Saturday morning.  Treat yourself to a long bath with some Epsom Salt and a few drops of Lavender Oil.