Planning to Buy A Home This Spring? Time To Get Rolling!

jolie_280x280_72dpiAre you planning to purchase a home this spring?

Well, right now, yes, during these last days of winter, is the best time to get rolling.

Spring is the peak home buying season, there’s tons of competition from other buyers and winter is the ideal time to get ahead of the curve.

Follow these steps now:


A buyer’s agent will represent you in every aspect of the transaction, will take the time to help identify what type of home you want and will educate you on the local market so that you’ll have realistic expectations of what you’ll be able to find within a few months. Your buyer agent may also hear of properties that are going to come on the market in the spring, which could enable you to get a sneak preview.


Your buyer’s agent may refer you to lenders.  Lenders will help you get real about how much house you can afford.  They will determine how much money they’re willing to lend you by checking out your financial details, from your income to your credit score and more.  Or if your finances are less than perfect, you’ll be able to find out in plenty of time to make amends.

A pre-approval is usually only good for 90 days, but it’s easy to renew it if your financial picture doesn’t change.  Also, if the interest rates are trending upward, which they currently are, it’s better to lock in your rate sooner rather than later.



Your buyer’s agent will start alerting you to open houses to attend during the winter months.  You won’t really know what type of home you’re looking for until you actually step inside some homes.  Your criteria can change when you start to look at properties.


Winter is a good time to check out different neighborhoods to see whether the community is going to be a good fit.

Online research won’t show you what the noise level is during rush hour or what the neighbors are like (is it more for young families or older residents?). Concerned about traffic?  Go and test drive your commute.


If you’re willing and able to move earlier, then keep a open mind with respect to buying a home during the winter.  There’s less competition!




About The Author

Jolie Powell

Jolie Powell has been a distinguised leader in the Real Estate industry since 1987. Prior to entering the world of Real Estate, she worked as a TV producer for the Advertising Agency, Dancer Fitzgerald Sample in NYC. Jolie's expertise in counseling buyers and sellers brings people together from Long Island, and indeed, Globally! Having lived abroad and traveled extensively, Jolie has an excellent understanding of many cultures. As a Cuban-born American, she is fluent in Spanish and communicates well with international clients relocating to the North Shore of Long Island. Jolie is proud of the high level of trust she and her clients have established and looks forward to continue building exceptional client/broker relationships.